Clearing, Grubbing & Stripping

Our expert staff will ensure that your work site is clear of surface debris and vegetation

prior to project initiation. Furthermore, we haul and dispose of all materials to make each worksite clean and safe.

We accomplish clearing, grubbing, and stripping by using heavy engineering equipment and hand or power-felling equipment.

Clearing consists of the removal and disposal of all trees, stumps, roots, logs, shrubs, grass, weeds, fallen timber and other surface litter, wherever they occur within the right-of-way and within such other areas as directed out by the engineer. Grubbing is the uprooting and removal of roots and stumps. Stripping is the removal and disposal of unwanted topsoil and sod.

Land Clearing Services Include:

- Boring removal, Grubbing, Earthwork, Pad Construction, Mass Grading, Fine Grading,

- Drainage Facilities, Trenching, Access Roads, Parking Development,

- Commercial Clearing, Underbrush Removal, Site Clean Up,

- Tree Clearing, Small Acreage Clearing, Subdivisions Development,

- Large Acreage Clearing, Concrete Removal, and Pipeline Right of Way.

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