Site Investigation

We will visit your project site to discuss the details, procedures, and associated costs before we begin. Our goal is to ensure that there are no surprises during the completion of your project.

We will determine the site’s suitability, the nature, and the extent of preliminary work needed during this very important step.

EW&T team will go to the details of many physical aspects such as subsoil composition, demolition, a legal aspect such as planning permission, and right of access and preservation.

This will help your company to: 

  • Assess the general suitability of the site with the proposed work,
  • -  Produce the adequate and economic design,
  • Overcome possible difficulties & delays that may arise during construction period due to ground and other local conditions,
  • -  Predict possible changes that may occur/cause of all changes in site condition, and
  • -  Maximize the potential of the site.

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